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If you have a recent Windows (at least Windows 8 or 10, I don't know about 7 or Vista) system that connects to the WiFi, then you should be able to get the pass phrase from the wireless properties in Network & Sharing Center.

Otherwise, log on to the router and go to the wireless security section. Most routers store the pass phrase as a readable character string. For WPA and WPA2 encryption, the router may convert the pass phrase to a 64 character hexadecimal key. Although it is long, you can normally copy this string onto a USB stick and then use the stick to paste the key into other PCs.

Unfortunately, if you don't know the login password to access the router's configuration then you will have to reset it to the factory state, which will lose all the settings and may mean the router will no longer connect to your ISP until you reconfigure it.

I hope this helps.

On your router, there should be a small button called RESET. Click this button and the wifi password will reset to default.
Look it up in the router's setting or if you have a WiFi computer so you can get your saved password from witless LAN settings.
Libs R Freaking:
Chances it is not shown on your router so the best bet is too set it up again. Hopefully you have you original software. If not then you can downloaded from the manufacturer. There will be a reset button on the router. Usually it is a small hole that you will have to stick a thin pin or paper clip into.
David E:
Time to reset the router and set it up again. The password is rarely stored on the router in a form you can read.
If you already have a computer connected to the wifi you can download this little utility and it will display the wifi password for you.
The default password is written on the router somewhere. If you never changed it, find the password on the router itself.
Hard reset your router.
Hard reset your router.
Give a quick setup to your modem