I downgraded from Windows 10 to 7 how do I go back to 10?

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I don't have Internet either for the Windows 7 it doesn't let me connect.

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TWB: We are M$. Resistance is futile. Your puters and lappies will adapt to service us. We will add your technology to our own. M$ has announced that Windows is NOT a top priority. Pushing people to use the cloud and mobile has become their main focus now. The truth about 10 is coming out.

As you have found out, M$ is willing to do anything to get the market share of 10 to increase. They make the promise that you can go back if you don't like it. For some odd reason that backup they made didn't work properly and now you have problems worse you didn't have before. M$ is doing this to make 10 look good and your original OS look bad. They also deleted your recovery partition so you could not use it to do a clean install of the original OS. To them, stealing your privacy is more important then your right to choose which OS you want.

To fix 7 you need to download the drivers for your LAN to get the internet back up and running. If you post your make and model we can help you find what you need.

If you made recovery media when you bought your system then the easiest thing is to use them to reset it back to factory settings.

Make sure when you go back that you DO NOT let these updates in. M$ is now hard coding spyware (back door) into Windows 7 and 8. Go to the control panel and click on Windows updates. In the upper left corner click on change settings. Then change important updates to never check for updates. This puts your updates in the manual mode. Reboot the system and go back to your control panel. Click on Windows updates and then click check for updates. Find the update KB 3035583 and hide it so it does not get installed again. Let us know if this does not work, M$ keeps coming up with new methods to force 10 on people.

You should also hide these updates KB 3068708 KB 3022345 KB 3075249 KB 3080149 These updates give 7 and 8 the same spying capability as 10 has.

You should also hide these updates KB 2952664 KB 2976978 KB 2977759 KB 3050265 KB 3050267 KB 3068708 These have to do with compatibility with being upgraded to 10 and need to be dealt with."

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try reinstalling the wifi/LAN drivers.
Master Of Puppets:
Your only options are:

1. Get a good,reliable Internet connection from somewhere
2. Buy a Windows 10 install disc. This can cost about $120-200 depending on the edition and where you buy from.

Pick one.

Higgy Baby:
Google how to get your win 7 drivers for your computer model.
You will need a working computer to do that. Download them and install to your computer, and then set up your internet.