I didn't buy Microsoft Office for my laptop but I have it?

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Right when my new laptop, Lenovo, was functioning I clicked the left side bar thing and noticed that is had Microsoft office features a part of it and it works fine. I didn't buy Microsoft office though so I'm confused???

Other answer:

Pretty much all computers you buy from an OEM from the past 15 or so years come with trial versions of different software. A lot of computer techs call this "Bloatware" or "Crapware" since most people never use them and they just take up space.

MS Office is usually included by most OEMS as a trial. The trial is usually for 30 days and after that, you have to buy it or subscribe to it if you want to keep using it.

2 possibilities:

1. Your computer came with an Office license, so Lenovo installed it for you.

2. Lenovo installed a trial version of Office as a promotional deal. After the trial expires you can't use it unless you pay for a license.

Either Office was included in the price or you are looking at a free trial.

If you want to know, then open one of the programs (say Word for instance, it doesn't matter which). Then click File > Help > and if you see "activate product key" then it's a trial. If you don't see "activate product key" then it was included in the price of your laptop.

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