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How do major organizations store bulk amounts of data yet have it accessible? How do file storage sites store their stuff physically? I want to store about 1,600 TB of data at once, all on live, writable disks. To be specific, this is to keep 14 days of CCTV 4k UHD @ 30 FPS surveillance footage for a 36 channel system.

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Andrew: You should consult a professional about such specific/critical/expensive requirements.

Something like 25 Drobo systems each with 8 X 8TB replaceable drives would cover it but setting up such a system (not to mention keeping it cool) to ensure it meets your archival needs would not be a trivial matter……

The cloud will be scalable so you are only paying for what you are using but again would need serious thought and planning for how it would work, be kept secure etc….

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talk to professionals. usually that much data is either offloaded to tape or offsite system except for the days footage. that much footage on the highest capacity drives is 200 drives needed, plus its power and cooling and all that fun stuff.… 3 of the sc847D chassis would be able to contain all the footage comfortable but the biggest cost is drives. especially being survellance grade since those run at 250+ upwards for 8tb. your also find that if you change the compression from mjpeg to h.264 you can reduce it to about a third of your storage requirement or more. just running your numbers though im surprised your getting 1600tb since running 10megapixel cameras(over 4k) with 30fps and h.264 compression for 14 days straight is only 32ish TB
Laurence I:
you buy a small NAS box. simple really. i will look one up for you, but maybe what you should be telling us is more about what hardware you have, like mainboard and what recorder you have, or junction box for all this video. there are hundreds os NAS box's out there, some more for home and some more for business. see link below for QNAP and Buffalo
Just get yourself a 2TB external Hard Drive.
They even make a 3TB drive.
Use the Cloud! Try