How to upgrade windows 8 32 bit into 64 bit? Please tell me the step by step process?

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– Make sure your computer has a x64 based processor otherwise it cant support 64 bit OS
-Windows x64 can run both 32 bit and 64 bit program while 32 can only run 32 bit, but there are some program that will only run in 32 bit OS so dont blame the OS if some program u have downloaded before cant run in 64 bit.
-Back up all of ur data in the disk C to disk D or somewhere.
-Buy a windows 8 64 bit dvd or download the iso.
-Burn the file (if iso) to dvd or u can make a bootable Flash drive
-Insert the DVD or Boot media that contain w8 64 bit.
-Restart your computer and go to bios
-Turn off secure boot if exist ( go to security tab)
-Go to Boot Tab and change the boot order, number #1 boot order is the w8 64 bit boot media (DVD OR FDD)
-Press F10 and enter or Find save changes and exit.
-and wait it to boot when there's a " press any keys to boot from dvd… " appear just press any key except the power button.
-and you on your way.
You need to purchase a copy of Windows 64 bit. Some computers are not capable of running both types. Their functionality is the same, but some programs cannot run on one version or the other. If you are going to pay for Windows, you may as well upgrade to a completely different version. For free, there is no way to change, it's assigned based on the computer (if it came with the computer) or the software license that you purchased.
You can't upgrade 32 bit to 64 bit. You have to back up all your data to an external hard drive, and then format the harddrive, and install the 64 bit version of Windows 8. You'll lose all installed programs (and have to reinstall them).
1.) Determine whether your computer's hardware uses 64-bit architecture. If it does, go to step 2. If it doesn't, count your blessings because of the hours and hours of fun you've just avoided.

2.) Backup all your precious data, including documents, images, movies, music, userIDs and userPasswords that you use on the Internet, and any irreplaceable data.

3.) Acquire the installation media for the 64-bit operating system that you wish to install.

4.) Boot your computer from the installation media for the 64-it operating system that you wish to install.

5.) Follow the necessary steps for installing the 64-bit operating system that you want to install.

6.) Copy all your precious data from the storage media you used in step 2 back to your hard drive.

7.) If all went well, breathe a sigh of relief

Rizal has it right, but I'll toss in a little extra. Windows 8 was a miserable failure. It had so many problems that it was pretty much completely rewritten. Go with Windows 8.1 rather than 8. Much better and smoother. Also allows a user choice between the Windows 7 type interface and the Windows 10 style interface.
Higgy Baby:
OR,………….. if your windows 8 32 bit it legit on your computer?…..then download windows 10 64 bit iso file for free. Burn that iso file to a dvd or usb….then boot up your computer on it… install -if you don't need to save old files, or select upgrade if you want to keep your old files. When/if it asks you for a key code… "Skip" for now (that is important-windows 10 will verify later automatically). Finish the install process and update as soon as possible- must be connected to internet during install/upgrade.
Install Windows from scratch and specify 64-bit.
Barry Manilow:
You have to reinstall Windows to change to 64 bit
You can do exactly the same things with 32 and 64 so there's no need to change.
Ravi Kiran:
No way, you can upgrade your OS from 32bit to 64bit

You can only upgrade 32 bit os to other 32 bit OS, but cant from 32bit to 64bit

If you want to upgrade you just need to get 64bit OS and do clean installation