How to take a snapshot on a computer using keyboard?

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For snapshot of your computer screen, simply press the button " PrtScn/SysRq ". Then it will take the snapshot for a while but for further storage you have to paste on Paint brush and save it.
There is this button called Prt Scrn located somewhere on your keyboard. Once you press it, it will take a screenshot of your screen. To be able to see it, you must paste it somewhere like MSPaint. The image will be automatically copied once you take the screenshot, so you just have to paste it.
Andy T:
That Print Screen button, isn't that you want? Taking screenshot of blockbuster games like Black Oops is different matter.
If its a mac press: command + shift + 4
* press space after if you want a whole screenshot
windows key hold it down, and click prrintscan button. LOL it will not take a screenshot by pressing it alone. Windows + prntscan —- I dont know I could be any more specific
not sure what you mean,

do you mean a image taken with your webcam.
or a screen shot ?