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Hello, I have a massive spreadsheet with 100k+ columns, I need to import it onto a website which recommends importing 500-1000 columns at a time. How could I easily split this, other than copy-paste?

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Laurence I: write a simple vba macro to do it.

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Laurence I:
There is no easy way. Copy/paste is boring, but works.

An alternative (if you don't care about the formulas) is to export the spreadsheet to CSV, then write a program to split each line in several parts, based on the separator, then saving each part in a different file. Then, there's the work to reimport each file back to its own spreadsheet. For 110000 columns, there will be 1100 files.

Just curious: what kind of data occupies so many columns? Would you be best served by a database system, like SQLite, MySQL, or Postgres?

Delete and Save As. Once for the first half, once for the second, then delete the original spreadsheet.