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i have an old 2007 gateway laptop, and has an hdd password that i have forgotten. i cant get passed anything until i get the password right, and i was wondering if i could factory reset the computer or by-pass the hdd password?

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nope. its not really a password its usually a hard drive feature, so its stored in the electronics of the hard drive. if your drive does not have that feature it may still allow a lock to be entered into the cmos and clearing the cmos(which clears the BIOS password) may also clear it. but the point of a hard drive password is to make the hard drive only accessible by those who know it. If its an encryption key, then that will only work in that pc, and the data will remain scrambled until the right key is entered. you can usually clear most laptops cmos settings these days(that will need defaulting later) by disconnect power supply, remove battery. gently hold in the on button for about 45 seconds. you know if its worked because you usually get a BIOS/CMOS press F1 mesage when restarting, warning you to load and save defaults which you must now do. good luck but i dont think it will help.
There is NO way around a HDD password without sending it back to the manufacturer with proof you own the drive. That is why there are HDD passwords, to prevent anyone from finding a used HDD or stolen laptop, from reading the files on the HDD.
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If this is a windows o.s. try restore point. Think what your 2007 password was. I would post this question on a tech website.
No. I mean, if it was that simple, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of the password system wouldn't it?