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Someone please help!!! I was editing an invoice and meant to do "save as" but accidentally hit "save" instead. Is there any way to recover the pre-edit original document???

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Ruth: Do you want the vertical text positioned upright and just running down the side, or you you want the text rotated so that it looks like it's running down the side sideways?

First, create a text box (Insert menu > textbox) and type in your phone number in there. You can resize and position the textbox anywhere on the page by just dragging it, and then turn off the borders and background color if you don't want them.

Now, if you want the text upright but running down vertically, just make the textbox more narrow (click and drag one side of the textbox).

If you want the text turned sideways, go to Format menu > Text Direction.
Then just select which orientation you want the text to be rotated.

Other answer:

There might be. Try this:

1. Open the document. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING IN IT.
2. Click the Tools->Options menu item.
3. Click the Save tab.
4. If the Always Create Backup Copy checkbox is checked you might be lucky. Close the Options dialog box.
5. Click the File->Save As (NOT FILE->SAVE) menu item.
6. In the dialog box, click the directory list box to expand it and note the full path of the directory.
7. Close Word.

8. Open Windows Explorer (My Computer) and navigate to the directory you wrote down.
9. Look for a file with the same name as your document, but with the extension .wbk instead of .doc.
10. If you find it, it will contain the last pre-editing version of the file. Copy it somewhere safe. It's gold to you.
11. Make a copy of the file with the extension .wbk instead of .doc. You should now be able to open it in Word.

Good luck.

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Click on Start, click on search. Write the name of the document in the box and press enter.
If you hit save look in my documents it should be there