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We have some house nearby, and my family house was there too..

My Family want to share their internet connection with me. Range between their house and my house up to 100m in distance.

How they must setup their wifi connection so I am can be provide too

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Surya Tanamas:
Lots of possibilities, but none of them foolproof. Basically, you're going to need a link from their router to a router on your end. I would advise against a couple of range extenders, as that will severly limit your available bandwidth.

Best option, if at all possible, would be to dig a trench and lay an optical (for isolation reasons) cable. Second best would be one of the mentioned wireless bridge systems. You_can_ build such a bridge from regular WiFi routers and some home built antennas, but that's going to be a bit more complicated.

Look up wifi bridge and outdoor external antenna.

Basically you have a little box at each end, with a directional antenna mounted high up on both houses, pointed at each other, and they are linked into the network switch / wifi access point. Now you effectively have one large network, with the wireless modules bridging between them. With good antenna you can basically extend as far as you have line of site. You put the antenna up high, so you don't cut them off if you park a car in front of the antenna.

Look into wireless bridging. You can install one outdoor unit at each house, with line of sight to the other house, and bridge the network to both houses as one giant network. You may need some help with this, networking wise, to get it set up. In larger cities, there may be companies that can supply and set it up for you.
It is not cheap. Even my homemade bridging system uses Ubiquiti wireless bridges that cost about $100 for each end. However, I can get 72Mbps over that link, over about 400 feet.
Other options are fiber optic cable, "media converters" changing Ethernet to Coax or phone line wire (at reduced data rates sometimes), or Ethernet cable (outdoor rated Ethernet cable) with a POE powered switch half way between the houses (in a waterproof box). That would extend your range to 2 x 100M for Ethernet wiring.

Going just with one outdoor Ethernet cable over 100M is cutting it too close to the specifications. It may work, work with lots of errors, or not work at all…

Laurence I:
put the router at a window so you have Direct Line Of Sight. change router wifi Channel number if other wifi signals use same channels.
David E:
In there window on the side where your house is, set up a Range Extender.
In your window in the side where there house is, set up another range extender.

At that distance, line of sight really important.
Option B is to use one of these Those will go for a few miles.