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I have a header on the first page of my Word document. However, I would like that header to appear on every page of the document. How do I get Word to automatically place that header at the top of each page?

Best Answer:

james: In Word versions prior to Word 2007 (Vista):

1. Click the View->Headers menu item.
2. Type what you want in the header.

Double click outside the header, or close the Header and Footer pop-up menu to get out.

In Word 2007:

1. On the Insert tab of the Ribbon, click Header in the Header and Footer group.
2. Pick a format, or select Edit Header to create your own.

Double click outside the header to get out.

Hope that helps.

Other answer:

To make editing a Word doc easier, view non-printing characters. Either press Ctrl-* or click on the ΒΆ icon on the Home tab, Paragraph group. Also view the Ruler by going to the View tab, Show group, and click on Ruler.

If you already have a header on p1 and it does not appear on successive pages, you may have a section break on p1. If you are viewing non-printing characters, you will see a section break. The Ruler will show you if you are actually in the Header area.

The easiest way to place a header is to double click at the top of the document in the Header area. This makes the header active. When you are finished editing the header, double-click in the body of the document. The header will now appear to be grayed out.

What you describe happens by default, provided you actually put the text in the actual header (provided by Word), as opposed to just writing text at the top and calling it header.

Try double-clicking the top margin of your first page, and Word should switch to editing the header.

It will appear on every page if placed in the header.
Use the "Insert Header". It will appear on each page.
Alt V H.