How to learn how to hack?

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Abel Ninan: Hacking is not some special skill that you have to learn.. hacking is an art of modifying stuff… there are so many tutorials on youtube or other internet forums.. just google it.. 🙂 its easy.. But keep in mind of the consequences ..

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Abel Ninan:
Hacking is a crime. so don't try to learn hacking.
There are online tutorials available, go through that if you use hacking for good purpose.
Hacking doesn't have any specific path. But if u thing like hacker, then u may be become a hacker.
Step 1. Know and understand that is you have to ask on Y!A, you do not have the intelligence to be a hacker.
Step 2. Get a job at McDonalds.
NSA notified of your user ID. Congratulations.