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I need to download something and it will take a few hours. How do I make it so that it keeps going without ruining my computer or anything like that (not waste too much power)?

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Your average computer doesn't consume that much power (excludes gaming computers). Just leave your computer on and turn the monitor off. Computers are more than capable of staying on for extended periods of time without anything bad happening to them.
I used to keep my computer running over night while converting vids and it isn't ruined. You can keep that thing running for a week straight before you need to reboot it. Computers are tough and they can handle it.
Computer is made for work. Don't care about the downloading time and working time. You just do what you want, If there any over heating problem please choose any best cooler.
You can't. The only way is use ASUS Routers – Download Master to download your thing without the need of PC.
Psychic Computer RepairĀ® PEBKAC?:
I never turn my computers off.
It will not ruin your computer. Your computer is made to work!