How to Install Microsoft Office in My PC?

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Step 1: buy it. That can either be via digital file download from an office supply website OR via a software DVD disk that you get by purchasing it in a big box store

Step 2: (a) digital download – run the execution file that came with the download (b) software disk – insert disk into DVD drive and follow the on-screen prompts

That's all there is to it. It's just like any other software purchase you make in as far as installation goes

Go to Buy a copy. Install it.
Open the programm file and insert key after submitting it it shows a dilog that will take time to complete. after completion next next and it will be installed.
not used office for years, i imagine it has a exe file or setup double click it and its pretty much accept next next next click click from there like any other setup.

heres a video.

Master Of Puppets:
Buy it and follow the directions.