How to install a OS via USB on a new HDD ?

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The file is a .iso
Ive already accessed the BIOS menu and made the USB the first source still nothing

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Master Of Puppets: Did you just drag the iso file to the flash drive? If you did, it doesn't work that way. You have to use a program that makes it into a bootable flash drive. Use a program like Rufus or Unetbootin to make a bootable flash drive.

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Master Of Puppets:
You must make sure you have burned the iso with a USB utility then use f12 at boot or whatever brings up your boot menu then boot to the USB stick
You need to BURN the ISO To USB Just copying it will not do.
There is a FREE program called ISO To USB
Then you can boot off of the USB
Taco Dance:
You need to make the Thumb drive bootable. If it's windows search "windows usb tool" (I can't post the link for some reason.)