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Lately my internet speed has become really bad and I know this is a really open question and my situation might be unique but I was wondering if there is any general way to fix this. My internet speed is currently only 5Mbps 🙁
Sorry for the lack of information, I have contacted my ISP and they are sending over a technician to for free. thank you so much for the replies they are much appreciated. Thank you.

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Eden: If you are testing your speed over WiFi, try again over Ethernet, and make sure no other device or program is using your ISP connection. Even if you are the only person using WiFi, it can still suffer from interference from other nearby networks. If Ethernet speed is okay, but WiFi is slow, it is your problem as WiFi exists only between your router and your device(s).

If you have a separate modem and router, unplug the router from the modem and plug a computer directly into the modem. If the speed is still slow, as reported by or your ISP's own speed tester, then you should investigate further.

The speed should normally be over 75% of what the ISP quotes is available for your line, except possibly at peak times. This may not be the same as the speed you are paying for, which you will normally have chosen from various speed bands when you signed up for the Internet connection.

Call your ISP, and if they say you should be getting over 7 Mbps or you have previously been getting speeds high than this, then they should investigate. Make sure your measurements are over a wired connection and that nobody else is using the ISP connection.

One final thing. If you have WiFi I hope you have set up WiFi encryption (WPA2 is best) with a good strong pass phrase. If you have WEP encryption or have left the WiFi open, then you could have a freeloader stealing your bandwidth.

I hope this helps.

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Fix My Internet Speed
My speed on cable is 1 MBPS (the test is actually a little more than 1) and I find that entirely adequate for everything I do. I can download a flick at the same time I watch another flick, with no buffering. Since you don't give any details, I suspect that you don't know speed from connect time. A DNS failure, sometimes called gateway error, has been around for at least 15 years that I have been aware of it. It's hard to troubleshoot because people tend to blame it on the site owner's cheap software, or poor equipment, while the site owner blames it on somebody doing complex searches in the database. It clears up after a while, so everybody forgets about it.

The fix is to run your own DNS server. Go to… and download Quick Cache.

Then call your isp and tell them their service sucks and describe what I just told you. Then you can either demand a cheaper rate (lower speed is ok) or switch to another isp where they will give you 1 MBPS service for $15 a month, which is what I pay.

Go to your ISP and buy a faster package.