How to get rid of the "s" on https?

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The same way you get rid of paying taxes…you can't. That "s" stands for secure and is a part of the link's address. The only way not to see the "s" is not to use that web site.
If the website is forcing you to use it, it's because they have an SSL certificate which would mean that they likely have secure information that users are communicating to their site. This isn't something you control, the webmaster controls it.

However, if you're having a problem with the security certificate, it could possibly be that your computer time is set incorrectly.

It's sorta mandated these days by top websites, such as Google, Facebook, etc.
You might also have a browser extension called HTTPS Everywhere…look the top right corner of your browser and if you see a blue circle with arrows coming out of it, then you have that tool. Disable it through the add-ons menu of Firefox or extensions menu of Chrome settings.

Just curious, why would you want to disable SSL?

I can get rid of the s on https.

I know how to set up, and maintain servers, so adding, or removing the s is not a difficult task, for me to do.

You can get rid of the s if you're maintaining your own none managed server, or maybe if your an amazing hacker who knows how to get rid of the s.

If you noticed the s in your online accounts inside of the urls, there is nothing you can do about it to be able to get rid of the s unless maybe if your a hacker who knows how to hack.

You don't. It is a security measure put in place by who owns the web site. It would be like asking how to get rid of the content on a website, it's not yours to control.
Lucius T Fowler:
Why would you want to? I installed an addon for my Firefox that is called "https anywhere" and which tries to connect to encrypted servers whenever they offer encryption.

Just be aware that although the "s" in https:// stands for "secure", https uses rather weak encryption and can be decoded.

That's what the site(s) you visit are using. You can't decide that, & in any case the s is for secure & I'm sure most would prefer a more secure connection
You cannot as said. If the web address begins with https:// it means that your computer is talking to the website in a secure code.
You do not. You can only visit sites with the https url if they are secured using ssl encryption. Any other sites can only be visited using http
Andy T:
No way, HTTP and HTTPS are two different Protocols, S for Secured.