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I have a MacBook Air and sometimes when i click anywhere on the screen, my screen is replaced by an ad or something, and a new tab pops up that has what i was looking at before i clicked. This happens very frequently and i would like to know how to stop it.
A lot of the time the popups are ads for MacKeeper, but i never downloaded it.

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Adblock Plus Pop-up
"A lot of the time the popups are ads for MacKeeper, but i never downloaded it."

Correct! The ads are BECAUSE you did not buy it yet. After you buy MacKeeper, I guarantee the ads will stop. The parent company of MacKeeper is very smart. They only advertise to those who have not yet bought it.

Follow APPLE’s PLAN at the first link below, or follow MY PLAN below. The difference is that with my plan, you don’t need to be a geek to find hidden files. Also, as these adware installers evolve and other meanies make their contributions, Apple’s plan may become outmoded, but the third-party scripts that I suggest below may get upgraded to accommodate new variants and new members of the adware maker fraternity.

MY PLAN: First try the two script apps at the 2nd and 3rd links below.
These two apps contain scripts that run some file removal routines that remove many ad-ware invasions. If that doesn't solve it, read on…

Run a scan with Avira, 4th link below.

Run a scan with BitDefender Adware Removal Tool, 5th link below.

Next, reset Safari. See 6th link below.
After reset, DO NOT try to load any of your favorite websites. Complete ALL the steps below first…

Go to this website at the 7th link below, and click the "Remove all Web History" button.

Next, open Safari > Preferences.
– In the "Privacy" tab, for "Block cookies and other website data" choose "From third parties and advertisers".
– For "Limit website access to location services" choose "Deny without prompting" or "Prompt for each website one time only".
– For "Website tracking" choose "Ask websites not to track me".
– For "Smart Search Field" choose both options.

If All The Steps Above Don't Solve It, Either Reinstall Os X Or Troubleshoot "Launchd" And “Launchagents” And “Launchdaemons” Items (See 8Th Link Below). The Former Is Easy, But Annoying, Although A Sure Solution. The Latter Is Much More Difficult, And Is Open To Mistakes That Could Cause Some App You Like Not To Work Correctly.

Avoid Grab-Bag Site Like Softonic, Soft32, Cnet, Or Softpedia. They Allow Software To Be Posted For Download That Has Hidden Adware Installers Inside. Most Illegal, Off-Shore Piracy Sites (The Ones That Offer “Watch Movies Free” And “Watch Tv Shows Free”) Also Inject Adware Into Your Computer's System, Or Possibly Even Malware, So Avoid Those Illegal Websites.


Adblock Plus or a script blocking extension
Try a restore or contacting apple