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I want to download a game in an internet cafe but the keeper always sees my computer's kbps running high on his computer. Umm is there a downloader that can actually hide its speed? Please help me I just want to try this game. I don't have much money to spend it with a high ram computer

Best Answer:

Jerome: No matter what you install on the computer (assuming you even have appropriate permission level to install anything) it won't change the amount of data going through the cafe's internet connection. The owner can clearly see this from his computer.

You also seem very confused about what RAM is, it is totally unrelated to internet connection or download speed.

Other answer:

if he is catching high download speed then you can get past that easily. use a tool like netlimiter to keep your computer from downloading too fast. the network administrator can still stop you if you are there for a long time downloading but if hes only looking at download speed, this would get past it.

also, if you are downloading through a game client like Steam, you can set limits on download speed through the client. that way you don't have to install an additional tool. same thing goes with torrent clients. they can all put in limits on download speed.

Considering it has to pass through his server obviously not. And a higher RAM would not stop that. You obviously know nothing about computers.
you're on HIS network…of course he can see the bandwidth.
just go in when they are busy and he won't know.
besides, he has no rule that you can't, right? what does he think internet is for?
You can't.