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create a new user(blank documents etc) and then delete your old(original) user, but if what you really mean is undo all the program installs as well, then you need to perform a system recovery/reset which again creates a new user as well. if you keep an original registry copy, you can re-insert that and that does undo the efects(the settings) of installed stuf, but doesnt delete the files of the installed stuff, but a Cleaner program might be able to work out that mess and erase it for you. ** Thus the easiest way is to IMAGE the Hard Drive Windows partition just after you first use the pc, and before any program installs then copy the image to media such as DVD's and that way, whenever you feel like it you can re-instate the image which erases any installs. Every new pc encourages you to do this with a message to "CREATE RECOVERY MEDIA NOW" which everybody ignores.
Uninstall any programs you don't want create a new administrator restart and log in with the new account then under user accounts delete the old account this action deletes old files pictures and music and leaves a new fresh account.

It doesn't remove viruses and malware.

If you have those do a factory reset

Go to C -> delete all files and folders except folder for C
Reinstall all the programs you installed in your computer.
Reinstall the operating system.