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Soo I have really old videos on youtube and they're really embarrassing. I don't know the username or the password and I'm freaking out. Someone helppppp!!

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Press 'Log in' and then 'Forgot username?' Answer the questions to get your username back. Once you have done this, press forgot password and enter the username. Once you get the password, log in. This doesn't always work, but hopefully it will if you remember a few details about your account (e.g. when it was created) Good luck!
All you can do is report it to youtube, without any proof of you owning the account, you cannot do much. Give it a shot and see what they reply.
Those very old videos had been completely ignored and no-one knew anything about them. Now that you have searched for them, found them, viewed them, they are the top of the list for all your friends!
Find 'My Watchlist' and Clear All.