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I have CenturyLink wireless enabled modem/gateway device that comes into one bedroom, but I want my computer to be ina different bedroom and do not want to move the phoneline but rather have the modem connect without wires to the computer. What do I need to do?

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If you already have a Centurylink wireless gateway (router), then you should already have a WiFi network. You will need a wireless network adapter for your computer. Assuming you are talking about a Windows based desktop PC, then you can either install an internal wireless adapter or a USB adapter. For the former, there must be a suitable spare accessory socket inside the PC that matches the connector on the adapter. The USB adapter is much easier as you do not need to open the computer to install it.

Make sure that you get a wireless (WiFi) adapter that comes with drivers for your particular version of Windows.

I hope this helps.

Ensure you have a wifi router connected to the modem. Ensure you have Wifi capability on the device you want to connect.
OR you can use a couple of powerline adaptors to take the network from one room to the next without adding new wires.
Boris 24:
You can use .You plug-in one adapter into outlet by modem,second by computer also plug into outlet.With ethernet cable connect one adapter with modem and second adapter connect to computer..Devices use el wiring for internet transition throughout your nouse.
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