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I recently bought paid DVDFab DVD Copy. Now I wanna have a look at how to make the DVD to ISO copy. Can any DVDFab users share step-by-step tutorial?

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Here is a simple tutorial.
Step 1: Start up DVDFab 9, choose Copy option, and load in the DVD source:
Step 2: Select the output type and choose a directory for the output; Choose DVD5 or DVD9 for the “Output” according to your need;
Step 3: Click Start button to start copy process.
Very easy for you! Just open your software and load in your dvd disk and switch to the dvd copy mode. Then you can set the output video format as .iso and then do the copy. Your tool will help you compress your dvd to .iso format very quickly onto your computer hdd.
Need a copy program; put dvd to optical drive either internal or external one, select ISO icon as output directory.
Make sure you have backup program. Load source movie to your backup tool, like from dvdfab. Select ISO icon to save output file on your computer.
Share with fab that this tip is very simple yet instructive as to how to copy movies to .iso file. Hope you will not miss it!
Try top burning tools, like anydvd, dvdshrink, handbrake and dvdfab dvd copy etc.