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m8Xpayne: It's cheaper to build your own PC.
The thing is most people don't pick the crap parts Dell or HP picks. Also, the same specs you picked would cost $3000 at Alienware and $2500 at Digital Storm.

Also, all of the hardware has a warranty through the manufacturer. The only time you're getting something as-is is when you buy used.

If you bought a HP or Dell with similar specs you would be getting a $50 H110 motherboard, non-k CPU, a $25 case, and a ton of generic parts. Then you'd have to buy a power supply that would support the GTX 1080.

Before I built my first PC I read over a bunch of message board forums and product reviews. I did this to break away from those hard to upgrade prebuilt boxes. If you build your own it becomes cheaper in the longrun because you can upgrade part by part instead of having to buy a whole new boxed PC. Once I figured out how poorly some of those computers are made I could never again buy one.

I would take some notes from youtube videos and find message boards about building a PC.

The first step is to set up the case. You can install the motherboard standoffs, Hard drives, DVD drives. At this point I install the power supply as well. Since you have a larger case you can set up the case first. With smaller PC cases, you'd want to install the motherboard first, then hardware like the Hard drive, power supply second.

-Before installing the motherboard, make sure you can install the CPU cooler after installing the board. The Corsair case you selected has a cutout that's for installing the back bracket of the CPU cooler. I'd doublecheck to make sure it's going to work.

-When Installing the CPU onto the motherboard, there is usually a triangular arrow on the lockplate and a gold triangular arrow on the CPU, make sure these line up. The other way to check is there are notches on both the CPU and on the socket.

-Personal choice, you can find a non conductive surface like a Formica covered countertop. The install the CPU on the motherboard, cooler, RAM, Graphics card…. then connect the power supply… then a monitor. This is a check to make sure nothing is dead before installing these parts inside the case. I have never done this but some people do.

-Once the motherboard is installed, the Installation of the RAM, CPU Cooler, and graphics card should go easy and quick. Usually, you'd install the RAM before Installing the CPU Cooler. Sometimes large aircooler get in the way of the RAM. Install the graphics card after the CPU cooler has been installed. Normally, I use full on watercooling or an AIO cooler like the Kraken or H100 so I don't have to worry about this order.

> Make sure you point the CPU cooler fan toward either the top or rear exhaust fans. Pointing this in the wrong direction will add 1c to 4c degrees to the maximum load temps of your CPU.

-After installing the hardware, it's time to connect everything. This is where you'll thank yourself for getting the 750d. You can route the cables behind the motherboard tray.

Read the motherboard manual for installing the PC-case power, HDD, USB and audio cables to the motherboard. I usually route these last. Usually Asus includes a connection bus for connecting the case control cables. The motherboard should also come with SATA cables for the hard drives.

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Watch some videos from a great teacher-technician Carey Holzman…
I don't like the audio codec on the motherboard at $150
MSI Z170A GAMING M5, Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5, Asus Z170 PRO GAMING/AURA
SSD Boot drive add
Use a single rail (one +12V) good power supply…
Seasonic and Super Flower are best, whether under their brand or another brand label
I upgraded a few of the parts on the list for you and got a cheaper case that looks similar. Here's a video demonstrating how to build it:…

Of course since you have different parts it won't be exactly the same but it's a start. The manuals that come with the parts are pretty helpful too.

Gamer Infinity 8800 Pro……..…
Click the customize button…see if they have any free stuff…

But if you want to build your own….help yourself…..

Youtube is a better place for your question