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I can write LInux c code. I can write arm c code. and How can I be a hacker?Can you talk me?

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I know someone who can write c code, but this person has many skills, and not only 1 skill. Just because you know how to write c code, having this skill won't make you a hacker. Remember you said you only have 1 skill, but you need many skills if you want to become a hacker.

You can't expect to be able to hack something if you don't know anything about it.

Frankly, I think it's going to take you a long time to become a hacker. You would have to learn a lot more.

I noticed some people trying to hack my server.

I know URL Manipulation attacks were done against my server.

Lets say you tried to move up directories from a website to gain access to sensitive information. URL manipulation attacks won't work against someone who knows how to defend against these type of attacks.

I could prevent you from doing URL manipulation attacks against my server. You might end up seeing a message on your computer preventing you from viewing whatever you want to see.

There is a lot more I can talk about. In my opinion, I think you should put more effort learning by yourself.

Robert J:
Learn how CPUs work and study the machine code instructions they use.

Or, build your own computer from conventional components & learn to program that in machine code.
That's how all original hackers started and is pretty much the definition of "Hacking", ignoring the words mis-use in movies and the press.

It's understanding computers at the most basic levels, so you can look at programs, figure out how they work and modify them to work differently or better.

Think of it as a bit like the computer & software equivalent of a car enthusiast that can strip a car to a heap of parts and nuts & bolts, build new bits from scratch then put it all back together so it works better.

When you can do that with both hardware and software, you are a hacker.
Do it maliciously and you are a Cracker – and likely to end up in prison.

[Original 70s Hacker, owner of an electronics design & programming company for 40 years – ever since leaving school].

Congrats! You are already a hacker by definition.

I am what you might call a whitehat hacker, even though I like to br called a redhat hacker.

There is nobody on here that is old enough to know what a hacker is.

It is difficult to become a hacker
Lookup "Certified Ethical Hacker", that will set you on the right track. Also use a VPN, TOR Browser, and install Kali Linux in a VM (Virtual Machine).
Bill P:
Hacking is highly illegal so you may as well ask how you can become a jail bird!
you dont go on a public site like this