How the hell does the internet know where I live?

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Internet Service Provider (ISP) it gives you a static or dynamic IP address.

An IP address is made to define your location with a combination of numbers that are unique and not copied by any other person normally.

If someone have the exact same IP address you got that person can spy on you cause he or she will recive the same things you have most likely people who do that are on the same network as you like your wifi if your private IP is copied they will see all stuff you reciving.

There are alot of security measures that can be made in that case but you must be a professional to do them.

Notice : a router has a public IP and a private IP the public IP is the one provided by your ISP and the private IP is the IP assigned by the router to each device connected to it public IP don't change private IP is diffrent from device to device again so each device recive it's stuff not stuff from the other device.

IP address given by your ISP. Your home modem gets an IP address from your Internet Service Provider. That's also how ads are fed to you. If you don't have a store near you, most likely you won't get those ads. In rural parts of the country, like my location, the "location" is 10 miles away. That is the nearest Comcast connection. My town does not show up.
G. Whilikers:
There are databases containing the GPS coordinates of known Wi-Fi access points, found simply by driving around and scanning. Other databases know the locations of major routers owned by internet providers. Comparing your IP address with a possible neighbor or something upstream of you on the network can narrow you down to a town or even a few blocks. Even if your device doesn't tattle on you.
Your internet/broadband/wifi provider. When you connect to your internet service provider or telco you will be have an IP address that IP address basically tells which country, which company or network is connecting and making a web site or data request
IP addresses are stored with a country. Your visible, public IP address, anyone can know EXACTLY where you live by the internet…especially joining online servers.
IP addresses are stored with a country. Your visible, public IP address, anyone can know EXACTLY where you live by the internet…especially joining online servers
It knows your IP address. And that means it doesn't know your EXACT location but it gives it a pretty good idea because they are assigned by location. Any time you connect with another computer, it is YOUR IP address in direct communication with THEIRS. That stuff with domain addresses, those are just pneumonics for the IP addresses of the servers and the location within the server. So websites and individual computers are all just IP addresses.
IP addresses are stored with a country state city but thats it. Often this data is wrong and will be the city of the data hub that serves you. Go to and see what it says.

Here is how google knows where you are. When you connect to a WifI point they store your GPS location unless you have it turned off. They store all the wifi points with gps and IP in a database.
From then on they can tell your exact GPS location of your IP.
It would be nice if they told you they were doing this but they don't.

From then on google knows the GPS location of the WIFI you access so they know exactly where you are.
I doesn't matter if you use your laptop or desktop they know the GPS location of your router because your phone gave it to them.

If you don't want them doing this turn off the GPS function in all your devices and change the name of your WIFI point. Reboot your equipment to get a new IP.

This has nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter those are separate apps and each app will have GPS options inside them. Turn those off and don't give any of your aps access to gps location data.

Also remember you GPS location is stored inside photos you take on your phone!
Be sure the camera in your phone is set not to store the gps location in your photos.
Check all your photos to see of they have GPS locations in them and use photo software to remove them.

And one more modern browsers can also share your GPS location to give you local ads. Check the location settings in your browser and turn them off.

By the help of your IP address which is provided by your internet provider , it tracks your location also with your device details too .
the internet knows everything
it's called an ip address