How much does it cost to fix a lap top screen?

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It really depends on the make/model of the laptop, and whether you can do the work yourself, have a friend help you out, or would need to take it to a computer repair shop for the repair. Not knowing what computer you have or if the screen is even the problem, a "guesstimate" of repairs would be anywhere from $75 up to $150. Just make sure the cost of repair doesn't exceed the value of the laptop.
Taco Dance:
It depends on the make and model. Screens are pretty easy to replace on most laptops. You may search for your model repair guides to see if you're comfortable with it. Most screens fall between $50-150. I cant say how much a shop would charge to replace it.
depends on the make and model of the laptop. A repair shop will buy the screen (screen cost), and charge labour on top of that for example if the screen costs £50, and the technician charges £20per hour and it takes him 2 hours to install the new one and test it it will cost £90. but screen prices vary depending on the particular screen required. and different technicians charge different rates.
Basically dependent on the screen price, the average cost is £105 ($130)
That depends on the screen but eBay is your best bet it's pretty easy to install a screen watch the YouTube video first.

$50 on eBay if you go to a shop $175

This ranges between $150 to $700. Most people just buy a new laptop.
depends but about 150
Depends how big the screen is. Depends what you mean by "fix". Depends what is broken.
$25 to $500. It all depends on the specific laptop, if just the screen or assembly is replaced and if you do it yourself or pay someone to do it.
It depends on the make and model of the laptop and who is replacing it
around a hundred or more