How might GPS be used in future?

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If we ever colonise the moon or even Mars, it might give support to explorers who are trekking around on long distance rover vehicles. GPS does not have to be just an Earth bound service.

Imagine being lost in a dust storm on Mars. All the visible way points could disappear, and GPS could be the only way back to base, especially if an explorer is travelling in a dust storm (in a suitable vehicle). Magnetic compasses will not work well on Mars as it has an extremely low magnetic field. Giro compasses could still work if you are away from the poles but they are less portable and accurate than GPS.

GPS will be the primary federally provided radionavigation system for the foreseeable future and will be augmented and improved to satisfy future military and civil requirements for accuracy, coverage, availability, continuity, and integrity.
Tesla, global wireless energy generators. He invented radio and the ability to wireless power objects.

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