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Mine DL 30 Mbps & UL 60 Mbps

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Annoy: Ours is about that as well 🙂

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It's not my internet, it's everyone's internet. But sometimes the internet is pretty slow it's not fast
Even is Dave doesn't like people asking questions like this, I can tell you mine is just over 50 Mbps down and just below 10 Mbps up. Most home connections have the up at between 5% and 50% of the down speed. Yours is unusual with the up being 200% of the down.
I pay for 150Mbps down but can regularly get between 160-180Mbps. Up is around 30Mbps I believe. Fastest bittorrent speeds I have seen is 12MB/s down.
Mmm, most have a faster download than upload. Anyhow:
25/15 – DL/UL
how is your upload 200% over your download unless of course your confusing the two of them. i run 50/10
It's in between lol.
It is not YOUR internet! It is not MY internet! It is everyone's Internet! DO you mean your broadband connection to your ISP?
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