How facebook makes money without ads from users??

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Facebook does not make any Money without the Advertisements the Advertisements is how Facebook is being Paid for since Facebook does not charge anything for its Users to use there Site
They aggregate user data, anonymize it by removing your name, and sell information to advertising agencies.

For example, an advertiser might want to sell their gaming computers, but want to know what type of age group to market to. They can approach Facebook and ask them for information related to gaming computers and the people that might be interested in buying them. Facebook utilizes your information to see what type of people are interested in gaming computers and sells that information to the advertiser.

They have all you demographically important information and they use this this data for companies analysis. What you deem as unimportant (i.e. your life data) Facebook uses to make money from you.

This is why I do not have a Facebook account (I am a early retired computer scientist).

Facebook takes your personal information and sells it. That is how they make money.I REALLY hope that helps if I helped you please vote me for best answer.