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I have windows 8.1 that came on the computer. I have a copy of windows 10 that I have downloaded. I would rather use windows 10 for personal preferences. Would appreciate the help.

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If you acquired the Windows 10 copy as part of the free upgrade offer but never installed it, you will not be able to activate Windows 10 after installation.  The free upgrade has expired.
The copy of Windows 10 can be used to create a Windows 10 installation DVD or USB installer. To upgrade run the installer or boot off the DVD. You will still need an unused valid activation key which you will have to purchase if you haven't got one.
If it is a legal copy of windows and you are on your laptop you have to restart laptop and boot from the cd or dvd. some laptops require you to go to the settings and change the boot order. After that it will go to the windows installation automatically and ask you to install windows by deleteling and formating your whole computer or just upgrade the windows without deleting the files and documents. This depend on you but I strongly recommend to have a backup of your system.
I also recommend watching some youtube videos for any part of my writing you don't understand. simply google them.
Master Of Puppets:
Do you have the W10 disk? If so, place it into your computer's DVD Drive and wait for the setup to open. It should allow you to upgrade once you go through the steps. Just keep in mind that you need to have a unique key for that computer.
If you didn't buy your Windows 10, you can't upgrade because it's not free.
bye windows 10 disk and install that