How do you turn off a computer?

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David: Say things to it that it regards as the opposite of sexy.

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In Windows, go to the Start Menu, and click Shut Down. You shouldn't turn off the computer with the power button unless the computer has frozen. As for Macs, I think it's in the Apple Menu in OSX. (I've only used Macs for a rare few schools assignments.)
As there have shut down button , we must should use this to keep our computer fine. If we remove plug and off our computer this will cause harm eventually.
For a Windows PC, I normally either hit the power button; hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and then click the power icon and select shutdown; click on start button and click the power icon/option and select shutdown; or hit Alt+F4 on the desktop screen (with all Apps closed) and then hit return.

In each case, I wait for the power light to go out before removing the AC power.

Remove power from it! Either with the power button on the PC, or pull out the wall socket.
Pull the plug out
You use whichever shutdown button it has.
go to start then shut down