How do you reverse a permanent IP ban on Wikia?

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I vandalized a little bit on two wikis and, VTSF got triggered and, banned my IP forever. 🙁

Best Answer:

informnowmedia: You can't. You obviously have no interest in constructive contributions, so we don't want you back.

BTW, I'm an administrator on several Wikias, so I might have had a hand in you being banned. What you did pissed people off, and there will be a permanent report of the incidents on file. In all seriousness, you could probably ask to have the ban partially lifted in about five years. But not before. You have to grow up.

Other answer:

You can not. They also keep records of other indentifiers from your own computer, and your router so even a different IP will not work.
Contact your Internet Service Provider and have him change your IP.