How do you print white font and images on black paper?

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I'm trying to print my resume on black paper and it's not showing up. I made the font white so it'll go on black paper, doesn't show. And when my image printed on the paper, it isn't pigmented at all (I'm an artist, so I have a graphic on there too)

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You'd need white ink, or you can print a black background on white paper by using a lot of black ink.
Lou C. Ferr:
Unless you have a special printer you can't.

You could save your write up, covert it to a photo, reverse the image and print that, but it would cost you a lot of black ink.

Home printers "print" white by not depositing any ink in the white areas, they use the white paper as a means of producing "white".

Only with specific (commercial) printers can you print actual white ink/toner. Home printers cannot do this.

Micheal Cullis:
You don't

White ink requires a specialist cartridge

"I'm an artist"

So you will know about additive and subtractive processes then….……