How do you organize numbers from least to greatest on excel?

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If im given 10 random numbers from A1:A10, how do I put them in order from least to greatest in B1:B10?

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kellie: Use the SMALL function: =SMALL($A$1:$A$10,1)

This returns the nth smallest value, where n is the number after the comma. So the formula above returns the smallest value in cells A1 through A10. And =SMALL($A$1:$A$10,2) returns the second smallest value in the same group of cells. Just keep entering the same formula in subsequent rows and update the second parameter.

If you have a lot of numbers to sort and don't want to have to keep entering the formula with different parameters, you can use the ROW formula to fudge it. If you are entering the top of the sorted list in row 1, just use the following formula: =SMALL($A$1:$A$10,ROW()) and copy it down the column as far as necessary. If you aren't starting in row 1, modify the formula slightly to reset the first row to 1. For example, if the first item in the sorted list is in B14, you'd use: =SMALL($A$1:$A$10,ROW() – ROW($B$13)) and copy it all the way down.

Note that you can also sort in decending order by using the LARGE function – just replace the SMALL in all of the examples above with LARGE.

I hope that helps!

Other answer:

Copy A1:A10 to B1:B10, select B1:B10. Click Data –> Sort –> Ascending –> OK
Kyle T:
copy a1:a10 to b1:b10
highlight b1:b10
click data->sort and filter
right click the top part, as an example "A" then you'll be able to organize.