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First you will need to get a spider. Any spider will work, but the Midget Dragon Spider works best. Next you will need to convince this spider to spin a web over the ocean. Once this is done you will need to buy a surfboard, after which you can proceed to the next stage.

Without angering the spider, dismantle its web until it consists of a single strand. This only works with one strand; no more, no less, so be sure you got the rest of them. When you are finished, place the surfboard on the thread and get on top of it.

You will be on a line while surfing the web. Hope this helps!

Master Of Puppets:
Are you asking how I get online?

My computer is plugged into a switch. That switch is plugged into another switch, which in turn is plugged into a HomePlug. Then, in my parent's room, the other Plug is plugged into my Belkin router which is then plugged into my AT&T gateway.

How do YOU get online? I'm curious.

Smokies Hiker:
You're already there! You need an internet connection from a ISP ( Internet Service provider ), which you obviously have or you couldn't have submitted your question on Yahoo! Answers.
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Congrats! You had to go online to write your question.
If you are reading this, you are online.
Google it
Max Hoopla:
How you got here.