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I want to extend my very first row in excel so I can center the title, but whenever I extend the row, it extends all the rows in that column. How do I prevent this?

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Merging cells, in my opinion, is never a good idea. It often can cause Excel to throw errors in certain routines, such as sorting, where all cells must have the same width. When you merge, say A1:A3, it becomes a single cell, but is referenced as 'A1'. But it is not the same width as other cells in column A. So, if you were to sort column A, you would encounter an error.

Now, I understand that you are speaking only of row 1, which is used as a heading. Still, I would suggest using the 'Center Across Selection' option in the formatting options.

For example, if you wish to center your title across columns A:G, highlight A1;G1.

Access the formatting options and select the Alignment tab.

In the dropdown for Horizontal alignment, select 'Center Across Selection' and click 'OK'.

Your title will now be centered, but it will not interfere with any Excel operations requiring all cells to be the same width.

I tend to avoid actually merging cells as this often creates problems in other tasks, such as sorting. If you try to sort a range that contains one or more merged cells, Excel spits up a hairball.

The best way to do what you wish to do, in my opinion, is to use the 'Center across selection' option.

For Excel 2003, and prior, highlight the cells you wish to use to contain the centered text.

Go to Format > Cells > Alignment.

Select the 'Horizontal' drop down and click 'Center across selection'.

For Excel 2010:

Select the Home tab

Click the downward diagonal arrow to the right of the word 'Alignment' in the 'Alignment' group.

Select 'Center across selection' in the Horizontal drop down.

You can't have a single row have a larger column then the next row.

If you want the top row to be larger you will have to merge it with the column next to it.

Press ctrl+space+add(+)
Merge the cells of the 1st rows together.
You can merge and centre several cells together.
I don't know.