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Is there a website that does a really good comparison of the different versions of Linux? And tells the advantages over just using Windows 10 with Cygwin?
While it's true that Linux is trash, what alternatives are there? Linux is drastically better than Windows 10.

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Bill P:
Unlike Windows, Linux is a computing system for enthusiasts, those who don't mind opening the bonnet (hood) and getting stuck in. There's quite a lot of differences between Windows and Linux too, so even power users on Windows are still newbies on Linux.
The main website that describes each Linux system (we call them distros) is

Also, everyone thinking of trying out a Linux should read through this article first which explains why they are so different,

There are several magazines Linux User is the first one that comes to mind. Most of them include a DVD with 3 or 4 of the latest distros all ready for you to try without installing. they call is a live disc because you can boot from the DVD and try out each flavor. Personally, I don't like the style of Ubuntu but it seems to be far and awAy the most advanced and complete distro I've seen. There are whole magazines just dedicated to Ubuntu so its a good place to start. You will be pleasantly surprised. Its not trash, not by a long shot. Used to be you had to be a really advanced user just to successfully install Linus but those days are long gone. Its easy and very intuitive. They use commonly recognized icons so its easy to find controls.
What do you plan to do? If you are a hobbiest then it makes no difference.

If you want a career in Linux, then only bother with a professional distro like CentOS.

There might be dozens of distros, but in the end there are really only two:
One group follows Debian, and they tend to be more GP, or hobbiest oriented, and desktop friendly (Mint, Ubuntu, etc).
The other group follows Redhat, and they tend to be more server and professional oriented (CentOS, Oracle, Scientific). Thease are often called "Enterprise" distros.

Actually there is a third type that are called "carrier grade". They are strictly subscription based, and are used by telcos. They adhear to what is called five-niner. That means the up time is 99.999% (5 nines). An OS like Windows can seldom exceed one-niner (98%) uptime.

if you need to run windows apps then stick with windows.
If you are new to linux Ubuntu is a good option or for servers most people use centOS
Renee G:
Mint, Mate, Zorin, and Ubuntu are supposed to be easier for Windows users to migrate to – but you still might want to download & print the "users manual" and run the thing on "Live CD" to try out the new operating system on your hardware before you install it. Kind of like a test drive on a new car…
Dont use linux. Its trash
卐Michael Jackson卐:
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Debian is a great simple version that is very open and easy to modify.
Try ubuntu 16.04