How do you capture images from google maps?

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Arthur: I recently posted a similar question.

it had to do with the time between the capture and the time they should him to the public.

it has to do with the fact he had a beard and doesnt look like photos of the real saddam.

he doesn't have the same mannerisms as the real saddam.

and lastly the DNA match wasn't really a high percentage.

I heard it was his cousin, who also did stand in for the real Saddam in public events….and that Saddam died a few days after the intial bombings.

The real Saddam was really really rich and could have paid anyone to get him out of the country.

and that the hole in the ground was a staged.

but again only a rumour no proof.
to be honest i'm not sure i believe…but there are questions.

Other answer:

Shoot your screen in the face AKA Screenshot
open the place you want to capture… now use snipping tool to capture image …