How do u get admin on computer pls help?

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Only the Admin in your computer now can make you as Administrator, when the Admin logs in on Settings(Srry Windows 10 here.) the Admin can manage accounts and he can change your account type from Normal User to Adminostrator sorry I am using Windows 10 instead of 7
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If you want to 'enable' the Administrator account on Windows 7…obviously you have Windows 7 on your PC…so go to Start, in the Search field type cmd and right click it and run it as Admin…once it shows up, type this:
net user administrator /active:yes and press enter…then just type exit…
Restart your PC…it may show two accounts on start up to choose from, the regular one and the Administrator…choose the Admin…
You set up an Admin account. If it is your computer you probably are the Admin if it is not yours you ask the owner to make you an Admin account.
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Be the one who installs windows.