How do males get by without a Mac computer which has a music soundbar?

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By not having an overpriced piece of **** like a Mac. With all the money I didnt have to spend on the mac, I was able to afford a PC that would run circles around yours, and a real soundsystem that would crush your "soundbar". 24bit/96khz pure digital, with Yamaha S10 s. Thats what "males" do, they invest time into researching the best bang for their buck, and invest in real equipment. Not play things, like macs and soundbars. And why do you say specifically males??? Is it because the only people who use soundbars are female??

I could just as easily turn around and ask you the same thing. How the hell do females get by without a liquid-cooled Octacore 3.5ghz processor system with 3 monitors, a GTX750ti, and surround sound 24bit/96khz audio system??? But do you see how stupid and elitist that sounds?? Just because you have discovered your like for macs and soundbars, doesn't mean theyre the best, and doesn't mean that people who don't use them are 'lesser', or dumber, or are suffereing and "not getting by" lol

Master Of Puppets:
I'm a male, I have no Mac computer, and I get by just fine.

What the hell does the "music soundbar" have to do with any of this?

The majority of males are sensible enough not to buy overpriced systems such as a Mac, but put their money towards a modern car with a decent sound system, which probably produces far better sound than any Apple product can produce.
no real men have macs, dont kid yourself