How do i tell if my school can still see my history even if i delete it?

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im a girl and i watch porn on my school macbook. i delete my history but im still worried my school would see it. I think they might have some kind of app that saves my history, how can i tell if it is on my computer? they have been checking lots of computers lately, also i dont watch porn on my schools wifi.

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It's not about finding the application or not.
It's that every organization provides free utilities and services for it's people like PCs & Office 365+1 TB storage etc.
However, you can consider yourself using a public service. More like talking on a public phone where you can't have your ultimate privacy so it's about the concept itself more than the usage itself.
For every organization there is a certain policy for dealing with things but the common policy is that any service that is supplied to anyone within the organization (be it students , teachers or faculty ) must be monitored somehow.
For some organizations like university's library PCs they set it's performance to a certain value although it may contain luxurious components so that the user will get a certain type of benefit.
Now if you need privacy where things aren't monitored and you have ultimate freedom ( although there is nothing like that because the manufacturer can track you too , but they don't care) buy your own device and use it for granted because everything you do on your own device can be erased (Although it can be traced by a hacker from the outside)….
Why Am I giving you the positive and negative side at the same time….??
A:Because you have to know for sure that it's a law that "NO SYSTEM IS SAFE" and if you want to really save your information somewhere , where nobody can access it. Then save it on a local flash memory that it's connected always to your PC not on a cloud….!!!!!
Now to solve your problem, I suggest you to stop doing that in the first place because porn is fake and here is someone who talked about it…it's for your own benefit though.
Second thing , if you have the ability to reset that PC then do it (Please consider that resetting your PC will erase all the data on it and reinstall the windows as clean as new).
First off, stop it. Use your own computer.

Second, EVERYTHING you do is saved. This is due to legal issues and the need for the school to protect itself from those that would use their computers for hacking, child abuse, etc.

If your school uses a domain (you need to log into the computer) or a proxy then you can be sure, 100%, that what you do online is tracked and saved.

Deleting the history from your computer only deletes the local content, it does NOTHING to the network.

Heck, as long as you are on the schools network you're probably being tracked. They can have a proxy server on the network without the need for proxy settings in the browser.

Use your own gear for non-school purposes. Anything else is putting your education and reputation at risk. The chances of it becoming and issue is only a matter of time and reason. If they have a reason (someone complains) or they do an audit you'll hear about it. Otherwise you'll not hear anything until it's too late.

All organizational devices that are handed out by schools or places of business have software that logs and reports certain activities. These activities include download history as well as web history. This is to prevent the spread of malicious software across a network. You can not see the software and cannot access it since you do not have full administrative privileges. The logging software is often times built into the image they use to build your PC. When an organization distributes many devices and takes them back for redistribution it is vital that this process be done quickly. To help wipe the data from the previous owner and prepare it for the new one they use deployment software that comes preloaded with loads of applications to monitor and log activities. Some software they may include could be things such as computrace. computrace is a good one, it's like lo-jack for a computer but WAY more powerful! It logs everything you do and reports it all back to a storage server so that it can later bee looked over. How can you stop it? you can't! Any attempts to disable or block such software will disable the device and it will begin reaching "home" sending its location and all saved data so the device may be physically recovered. We had an employee try to sell his company laptop. Computrace provided the full conversation he had over facebook, his facebook password and login, his bank account information he used for the transaction to paypal, his paypal account information, as well as multiple emails proving he had planned to steal more machines from the company. When he tried to sell it, he tried to reformat and "clean" the PC, computrace kicked in, shut it down in a low power state and began pinging home with a location. Computer techs are much smarter than you are so stop watching porn on a computer you don't even own!
Smokies Hiker:
Your school's server has a record of every link it connects to. And "deleting" any history doesn't really take the link or material off of the hard drive. Deleting the history just makes it possible for that "open" spot on the hard drive to be written over with other material. The new material "covers" the "deleted" material, but the old material is there under layers of new material, unless the hard drive is physically destroyed so it can never be used again in any computer.
Maybe, some schools have some sort of program that makes you sign in before you can use it. Like things like cyber roam. So some schools give you a username and a password to use their internet then when you enter the password and username you can use it But they can also track everything that username is searching. However if your school does not have a program like cyber roam then you are fine. OR if you used a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change your ip so you could bypass cyber roam or a program like that then you are also fine. Even if you didn't use a vpn and you had to log into a program like cyber roam do NOT Fear But STOP looking at porn schools rarely check what kids do online. but when they do they could see you looking up porn so stop looking up porn at school you should not do that in the first place someone could see your screen. But don't panic it's probably fine. Oh and one last thing I don't know why your name is Jared if you are a girl but make this question anonymous in case your school sees this.
Vivek Kaushik:
Deleting history isn't going to do any good because it only deletes local content of the system. I suggest you to use a VPN or proxy next time you watch porn on school system. Install Hotspot shield, it is a free VPN. After installing it you can watch anything you want without being tracked.
with the correct software the school can monitor ALL traffic on the school network

Since you connect to the internet using the network then they can monitor EVERY site you visit, for how long and what you uploaded/downloaded

Thing is'
THEY dont have to do it- they can subcontract network management to a company the other side of the world if they want

IF they do this then the "history" on your computer is irrelevant

(To make it even easier- they can monitor for anybody going to specified sites and set an alarm if anybody goes there)

Every server on this planet keeps a log file of activity (unless specified eg vpns). So even if you clean your history from your device, the server that lets you connect to these places keeps a log on the server. This is for admin usage and unless your a blackhat with super-access, you will never get to remove it.
How can you tell? Well when you get called to the Principal or Administrator's office and they show you their server logs and ask you for an explanation. That is before they call your parents.