How do I scan something to my computer and send to someone?

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You require a Scanner connected to your computer with the proper drivers and software installed on your computer.

Make sure your scanner is properly activated.

Place the picture, document, etc in the scanner properly and press scan

Once the scan is finished save the scanned ?? to a file with a file name you can remember and in a folder on your computer such as My Documents, Documents.

Open your E-Mail

Compose a New Message

Usually there is a paperclip icon near the top of the New Message.

Click on the paperclip icon

Go to the folder where you saved the scanned file.

Select the scanned file

Click on Open/Insert/OK or what ever option your E-Mail has for attaching the selected file.

This should have attached the scanned file to the New Message.

Select to whom you are sending the New message.

Make sure you enter a Subject in the Subject Line as some E-Mail systems will send E-Mail with no Subject to Spam or Junk folder.

Type in a message in the main body of the New Message describing the attachment.


You need to scan it from a scanner or either you can use your phone and save it in a folder like My Documents. Then when you open Gmail and click Compose Mail, click "Attach a file" and your My Documents folder should open. Find your scanned document then click on it and click Open (or double-click it) to attach it to your email.
anyone! How do I scan a paper to the computer and send to a friend?
Fax machine
you use a scanner
you use a scanner
Do you have a scanner?
you use a scanner
you use a scanner