How do i save a notepad file "txt" as run.bat?

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Ok i herd you got to click new andgt; text document then you rename the file " run.bat" I do that but the file doesen't change to bat. it still remains a txt file

can some 1 please help me. I may be missing a file to help it run i dont know!

my computer is windows 7.

Best Answer:

ashley: when saving click all files at the bottom where it says .txt. then save it as run.bat and it should work.

Other answer:

Start Menu -> Folder Options (you can type this in the search bar) -> Uncheck "Hide Extensions for Known File Types".

This will make it so you see the file extension. You'll discover what you thought was you saving as a .bat is actually a .bat.txt file.

Alternatively you can open Notepad and then Save As, change the file save type to "all files" and then type in the name of your file with extension.

When you save the file, below the name it says "save as type". Switch that to "all files". Then enter the full file name and Notepad will no longer append .txt to it.
Click save as.
Click the dropdown that currently has Text Documents and select All Files.
Type the file name as run.bat.
Click save.