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I have Excel 2010 and I'm trying to add a header to every page of the workbook. I have been doing it manually by page but there has to be a way to make it show up on every page I'm sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! Lisa

Best Answer:

Campbell: I think you are talking about repeating the header when you PRINT, correct? If that's the case, then:

1) Go to "Page Layout" tab
2) In the "Page Setup" section, click on the little arrow in the lower right corner
3) Page Setup window will open; Click on the "Sheet" tab
4) Click your cursor in the "rows to repeat on top" box
5) Click on the actual row within your spreadsheet that you want to repeat (this will populate that box with the correct information)
6) Click on "ok" in the Page Setup window

However, if you are just wanting that row to "Freeze" when viewing it on your computer screen, then go to the "View" tab, and in the "windows" options, select the freeze pane option (I think what you are actually looking for is the repeat rows when printing, though, which is specified above)

Other answer:

I assume you mean every worksheet in the workbook, as 'page' actually refers to multiple pages of a given worksheet. If so, here is a way to add your headers and footers to every sheet in the workbook all in one process.

Select the tab of the first worksheet in the workbook.

Hold the Ctrl key down and click all other worksheet tabs in the workbook. This will 'group' the worksheets.

Select 'Page Layout' in the Ribbon.

In the Page Setup group, there is a right downward facing arrow just below the 'Print Titles' menu option.

Click the right downward facing arrow and when the Page Setup window opens, select the Header/Footer tab.

Click the Custom Header button, enter your appropriate header in the desired section, Left, Center, or Right.

Click 'OK'.

Click the Custom Footer button, enter the appropriate footer in the desired section and click 'OK'.

Click 'OK' to exit Page Setup.

Right click any sheet tab at the bottom and select 'Ungroup Sheets'.

All sheets will now have your header/footer combination. All 'pages' within a given worksheet will also display the header/footer when that worksheet is printed.

In page set-up, make a header with the information you want on top of each page.
File Print Setup. One of the tabs there tells you to set headers and footers.