How do I remove viruses off my computer off my computer for free?

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I have 457 viruses on my computer and I tried to remove them using spyhunter 4 but they are charging me 57$ and all i want to do is remove these viruses off my computer.
it is a windows XP

Best Answer:

ayy: See if you can possibly run the already built in one.
Windows key R,
Type MRT.

After that, go to
Install the plug in.
Turn on remove potentially unwanted programs.
Run a full scan.

If this fails, backup your data, reinstall the OS. Do this anyway as XP will run faster after you do that due to less crud on the system.

Other answer:

tually have that many viruses but this is the best cleaner use free edition after make sure you have 1 firewall i prefer mse free reliable
You have to install a best antivirus to remove viruses.
factory reset the whole computer
your only choice is to buy an antivirus software so removing them whomever you use is going to cost you MONEY. Alternatively, you can reformat your hard drive and reinstall all your software
run all 3 at the same time and wait…
after they ALL finish restart your computer and do it again
You need do a system recovery on it