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A little while back. My OS crashed and I lost everything. I would like to get much of my movies and music back. How could I do that?

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It depends upon the nature of the failure, possibly whether the error was "Boot device not found" or something like "Windows refuses to boot" (because the drive is corrupt, to preserve remaining data). if there is a hardware of electronic failure, it might not be possible to recover data without paying someone $500 to over $1000 to take the drive apart in a special "clean room", and then is still no guarantee that they would recover anything.

If the drive still works, but Window got corrupted, one of len again s suggestions my work. My boss grandsons had a former old company laptop, and at some point its hard drive failed. It was so old that it had USB 1.0 which it could not boot from, so I booted Linux on it from CD, and it was only able to copy some of the user s home directory to USB storage before it choked to a stop. I put the drive in an external drive enclosure and neither Windows nor Linux could recognize the drive. A week or 2 later on a whim I connected the external drive to my Linux PC, it recognized and auto mounted the drive, and I was then able to copy everything from the user s home directory except for one corrupted game directory. Some time later the new hard drive got corrupted by a virus and refused to boot. I put that drive in the external USB enclosure, did chkdsk /f on it (only 1 apparently unimportant dll file could not be fixed), and anti-virus scanned it. All fixed, worked great. Then they cracked the screen diagonally all the way across. Oh well.

Check out testdisk which can attempt to recover all files and includes something called ProtoRec to try to recover multimedia files, even if the partition table is corrupt. You need external storage or another drive to save the files to, and they may not have their proper names, so you may need to do some detective work to figure out what each file is.

You can install some file recovery software and try to find your files with it. This is the best on the market for a home user

There is a free version (that is very good) and a version you have to buy

If this program won't recover it, you would have to take your HD to a professional file recovery company. Get ready to spend a lot of money when you do. But only you can put a price on the value of your files and decide if it's worth spending the money to get them back.

len again:
(As long as the hard drive still works , even if the OS will no boot ) ..

3 Options …….

1 Boot the computer from a live linux or mini xp (both are free) CD or usb flash drive then copy the files to flash drive or external hard drive..
Example ..…

2 Put the hard drive in another computer (as the secondary drive not primary) and copy the files to external flash drive or hard drive.

3 Mount the hard drive in a usb Hard drive Caddy or hard drive usb adapter (2.5" for laptop , 3.5" for desktop) to turn the drive in to a external usb hard drive.

Any questions ?

you can recover anything using Recovery software