How do i move my desktop icons anywhere i want on windows 7?

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i know its possible on windows xp, but idk how to on 7. i would really like it if someone could tell me. i just got this really awesome background but wont work cuz i cant move them anywhere i want

Best Answer:

donald: Right click on the desktop, put the cursor on view. Make sure Auto Arrange Icons and Align Icons to Grid are not checked. Then you can put the icons where ever you want. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Other answer:

If you right click on your desktop there is probably a way to unselect Auto Arrange Icons, and there is another selection to align to grid (or not) if you want to keep them neatly arranged when manually moved. But I am running Linux at the moment, so I cannot tell you exactly.
len again:
Right click an open space on the desktop
Uncheck align to grid and Auto Arrange options

Now you can drag icons where you want them .. …

Right click on a blank spot on the desktop.
Select "View."
Make sure neither "Auto arrange" or "Align to grid" are checked – just click to uncheck.
Yes, you can do on Windows 7.