How do I make something password protected on a flash drive?

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I know I can buy password flash drives but I don t have one yet. how do I make something private password protected on it like a file, folder, ect. ?

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Markus Imhof:
Depends on how deep you want to go, against what kind of opposition you think you need to go and whether you need to be able to access your encrypted stick on a different machine which may have neither the decryption software installed not an internet connection (or any other means or permisisons to install it).

Open source state-of-the-art and available for many operating systems would be VeraCrypt. However, if you can live with being limited to one OS, the corresponding OS'es option(s) to create an encrypted file system on your device might be easier to use.

Just be careful – if you lose the password, the files are not recoverable.

I use Cryptainer from

This allows up to 100 MB of files or folders to be protected in a single virtual encrypted drive. You can create multiple container files or go for the paid-for version if you want a single container that is greater than 100 MB.

I hope this helps.

The easy way is to use the properties tab to make the folder hidden! If somebody looks there will be no folder to see!

You can go to control panel and with the drive plugged in look under folder options and click show hidden folders! Apply OK.

Then when your done back to control panel and click the hide box again and it disappears!

Right click in file explorer.
Memelord Prime:
Place the files into a compressed folder using a program such as 7zip that allows you to encrypt zip files.…