How do i kick people off my wifi?

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my internet is going really slow and i want to find out who is using my wifi. is there any way?

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Log into your router, then open the LAN / Network connections, look at the DHCP releases. This will tell you who has an IP assigned to them. Copy the MAC addresses, then using the security features, BLOCK these MAC from connecting. Then, add a password and then HIDE the SSID, this does not broadcast the WiFi Access Point.
Open the setting of your wifi router by tying its IP Address on your browser and add the password
Go to the admin panel then block the users they cant connect to your wifi permanently
Well I have a netgear wifi / router and using netgear genie I can see all devices connected….
Arthur Dent:
Download the owner's manual for your wireless router, if it is separate from your modem itself, and look up how to do a factory reset. Once that process is complete you can follow the directions for setting up the router.
Bill P:
Change the password and make it just a meaningless jumble of numbers and letters, both uppercase and lowercase.
change ur WIFI password
close your wifi
get a good password, some with letters and symbles.
I would suggest changing your password so that people who don't know it can't get on it